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Change your life, Why Wait?

Change your life, Why Wait?

How do you want your life to look?
“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate” Oprah Winfrey

If I was to ask you to list down your top 10 achievements in your life so far, how easy would you find this? So much of our time is spent focusing on what we are missing, what we don’t have enough of, what we are not good enough with… and we sometimes forget to focus on the good stuff… and so straight away our minds are programmed in a limiting and negative way…   We need to program our mind with our vision, a clear mental image of where we want to go…

Spend 20 minutes reflecting back and write down your top 10 achievements in life so far, if you have more keep going… Start to notice how good you feel when you are spending time recognising what is great about you!

I want you then to focus your attention on the last two months and think about what you learnt about yourself and some new skill that you may have learnt.. to continuously learn is to continuously grow and develop… This opens up new opportunities that maybe you were not focused on before..

Some questions to think about.

Was there anything that you had planned to achieve and it didn’t happen for some reason and what was the reason why?

Who in the last few months have you learnt from and who inspired you and why?

It would be good also to reflect on any great insights that you may have gained in the last few months that have helped you in anyway.

Have you also noticed any barriers or obstacles that you may have encountered inside of yourself?

And then really think carefully about the next questions….

Do you fully enjoy whatever you are doing with your life right now? and in the last couple of months have you fully enjoyed what you do in your personal and professional life?

Were you really “there” or were you just  showing up?  How can you make yourself more present in the moment?

See sometimes in life we are just focused on surviving in life and not thriving so each day we just take whatever comes at us.. Now in order to live a life true to ourselves, a life we are passionate about, one where we feel fulfilled and content, we need to sometimes push the pause button and then reflect back over the past to know exactly where we have been, then look at where we are today and then start to work on what we would like the future to look like…

Are you living your life true to you values or are you living someone else’s life…. Do you know what your values are? What is really important to you in your life for you?

When answering these questions make sure you are in a relaxed state, in a relaxed environment and try and switch your autopilot off so that we start to work at all levels…

Some other reflection questions that I have always found useful are…

What skills do I want to master to achieve my goals in life?
What habits do I want to change and what do I want to learn to achieve my goals?
How I am feeling right now? notice these feelings.
Who is around me that would be useful and supportive in achieving my goals?
Who around me will keep me accountable in achieving my goals?
What could I possibly delegate that would help others and myself in achieving my goals?
Why do you think you believe you are not successful yet?
What is holding you back?
What limiting beliefs are holding you back?
Why do you believe you are not good enough?

and then write down some empowering and supportive beliefs you want to make part of your new life story.. Take each of your unsupportive beliefs and make it a positive one and write down enough reasons as to why you are good enough…  

Create positive affirmations to reprogram your mind for success… This will then release your full potential

When you write down you actions, make them clear, make them SMART (Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timebound).. If the goals/actions are really big, break them down into sub goals.. Plan in daily, weekly, monthly actions so that you remain focused on what you really want your life to look like…

And remember its your life, you get one shot at it, so make it count…

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