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The Ultimate Retreats


A Chance to step aside from life for a while, to rest and just be in a welcoming space

This retreat is designed to give you the space to recharge, reflect and refocus the mind and body, empowering you to invest in the most important relationship in your life – the one with yourself!

This Retreat will give you the space to get clarity and bring about change, empower yourself and open up your mind in order to make the right difference for YOU!

Retreats are for ordinary people at any time in their life. There are no expectations of you while you are here with us. It’s a time to bring quiet and calmness to engage in reflection and step back from a busy life.

Coming soon…

Weekend Retreat at Hurds Hill
25th – 28th September 2023

Is this the Ultimate Retreat for you?


Are your kids, partner, boss, job, or life driving you crazy?

Are you driving yourself crazy?

Are you feeling stressed or losing sight of your life’s purpose?

Are you holding onto the past, something we call baggage?

Do you need some space to breathe?

Do you always put others first and yourself second?

Do you constantly beat yourself up with negative self-talk?

Do you struggle to sleep?

Do you find yourself worrying for the sake of worrying?

Do you feel anxious in some situations, or with some people?

Do you feel like you live in chaos, with no time to achieve what you want from life?

Outcomes of attending


Know who you really are and your values

Know where you are going and why?

Know how to get rid of the clutter in your mind

Know how to change the pathways in your brain

Know how to reduce anxiety and stress levels

Know how to increase your self-esteem and confidence

Know how to increase your energy levels

Know how to get a great night’s sleep

Would you like to have a few days to focus on clearing your mind and changing yourself as well as your life?

Ultimate Retreats hold the space for you to re connect with yourself, to reflect on where you currently are in your life, consider what’s working for you and make any adjustments you choose.

Does your heart feel pulled to this?

It’s for a reason!

We will help you to understand the mind body connection, how your thinking works, your relationship with your thoughts and show you how you can go about changing your mind and changing your relationship with your mind so that you can experience more joy, happiness, health, vitality and peace in your life.

Through the use of some simple techniques and regular practice you will notice that your once busy mind seems less so, you are no longer a slave to your thoughts and you are living your life in a more present way. This is what we mean by changing your relationship with your mind.

You will be encouraged to ask questions and to contribute to discussions to get the most out of this retreat.

This is what the guests had to say at the last one:

Lorraine helped me to understand the connection between everything, and the need for calmness, reflection and planning. We were shown some really effective exercises that we can take way to help in those stressful situations.

To be able to factor more relaxation into my life, having the space to reflect on what’s really important to me and to create actions for the present and future has been incredible, fully recommend this retreat, I wanted to grab my overnight bag for more though.

Lorraine has such a thorough knowledge of the neuroscience and positive psychology behind happiness, creating positive calm feelings through various methods. I found the day retreat the ultimate grown-ups way to unwind, relax, eat great food in a stunning location and learn effective ways to reconnect with your inner happy bunny.

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