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Lorraine helped me to understand the connection between everything, and the need for calmness, reflection and planning. We were shown some really effective exercises that we can take way to help in those stressful situations.

To be able to factor more relaxation into my life, having the space to reflect on what’s really important to me and to create actions for the present and future has been incredible, fully recommend this retreat, I wanted to grab my overnight bag for more though.

Lorraine has such a thorough knowledge of the neuroscience and positive psychology behind happiness, creating positive calm feelings through various methods. I found the day retreat the ultimate grown-ups way to unwind, relax, eat great food in a stunning location and learn effective ways to reconnect with your inner happy bunny.

Thankyou, it was a very special day, so often we are so busy helping others we don’t focus on ourselves, you gave us the gift of time, most precious.

I was fortunate to attend one of Lorraine’s retreats yesterday and would highly recommend the experience, everyone needs a retreat.

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